Question: Could The Farm ever become a gated community?

Answer: In order to become a gated community 75% (approx. 1175) of the owners would need to approve filing a petition to the Courts. Prior to the Courts ruling, all residents of Horry County would be allowed to speak for or against the petition, after which the Court would determine if it is in the best interest of all concerned for the streets to be closed. If the Court were to grant the request, there would be a Special Assessment to Farm residents to establish a Reserve Fund line to provide for milling, resurfacing, maintenance of gutters and curbs, signage, and outfalls. The estimated amount of the Special Assessment, based on County input, would be about $2,100,000 ($2.1 million). That amount is based on current prices. The amount of the dues increases needed to maintain that reserve would be calculated later.

Question: Is Waccamaw Management available after business hours and on weekends?

Answer: Waccamaw Management is available for emergencies 24 /hrs. a day. Simply call (843) 903- 9551 and follow the prompts. Please remember, an EMERGENCY exists only when the "imminent danger" is to HOA property. Please contact Horry County Police for personal or home damage. Non-emergency calls will be returned on the next business day.

Question: Why aren't our ponds used for recreational purposes?

Answer: All the ponds in The Farm are classified as "retention basins" by the County. They are designed to accept the runoff from the roads and adjoining properties. As such, the are considered "unsuitable for recreational purposes". Additionally, due to the water quality, the Associations Insurance Carrier has advised us to prohibit such activity.

Question: What is the fine process for Covenants violations?

Answer: First, you will receive a "Courtesy Notice" notifying you of the violation. Should you disagree with the violation, you have 10 days to appeal to the Management Company.

If, after 10 days you have not rectified the problem or filed an appeal, you will receive a "Violation Notice" and a $25.00 fine. As with the Courtesy Notice, you have 10 days to file an appeal.

If, after 10 days you have not rectified the problem or filed an appeal, you will receive a "2nd Violation Notice" and a $50.00 fine. As with the Violation Notice, you will be given 10 days to appeal.

If, after 10 days you have not rectified the problem or filed an appeal, you will receive a registered letter with your "Final Notice" which carries a $50.00 / week fine that will continue "without further notice" until you notify the Management Company that the violation has been corrected.

Please note that all unpaid fines are subject to "late fees" and "Administration Fees".

Question: What are the regulations on street parking?

Answer: Your Governing Documents state that "All vehicles allowed in the complex are to be parked in the garage or in the driveway ONLY. No street parking or parking on lawns is permitted". The regulation shall not preclude commercial vehicles that are providing services or making deliveries on a temporary basis (less than 24 hrs.).

Parking Violation Notices (bright orange tickets) are notices that you are in violation of the Covenants and are subject to a fine as outlined in your documents.

Question: Do I need permission to put up a fence?

Answer: Yes. In general, any modification to your property or home requires an approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Your ARC Booklet outlines which projects require approval. If your project is not specifically listed, contact your Community Association Manager Misty Pace at (843) 903-9551.

Question: I don't have an ARC Handbook. Where can I get one?

Answer: The current ARC Handbook is available online in the "Documents" pulldown on the Home Page of this website. In addition to the Handbook, a downloadable ARC Application is available.

Question: Do I need a survey to apply for my project?

Answer: Absolutely! All requests submitted to the ARC Committee must be accompanied by a "surveyor's plat" showing the addition or modification in relationship to the footprint of your home or property.


Question: I can't find my surveyor's plat. Where can I get one?

Answer: With the exception of Phase 24 (aka Brookberry) a surveyor's plat for all properties in The Farm, including The Orchards and Planters Pointe, are available from Thomas & Hutton Engineering in Myrtle Beach. You can contact them at (843) 839-3545 to inquire about getting one. Residents of Brookberry should contact Low Country Surveying at (843) 851-1419


Question:  Can I drive a golf cart in the community? Answer: Per South Carolina law to drive a golf cart in South Carolina you must:

1.  Be at least 16 years of age

2.  Have a valid driver's license

3.  Have the cart registered with the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles

4.  Have proof of liability insurance

5.  Display a state permit decal

6.  Only drive during daylight hours

7.  Only drive within 4 miles of the address registration certification

8.  Only drive on roadways with a speed limit of 35 mph or less

9.  Not drive on a bike path